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Ben Ruddle

DIY One2One

Looking for some guidance with your project. Im happy to help you achieve your goals. One2One guidance is available via video calls.



I am an experienced builder and carpenter.

Doing a DIY project?

Starting a Self Build?

Restoring an older property?

Need some professional guidance? 


I can offer you help with your project, via video calls and with my 25 years of experience, you will be off to a flying start, completing your project with a professional finish.

I started my building career, as a painter and decorator. Soon learning how to build, becoming a skilled general builder and carpenter. I have background in all building areas, from footings to 1st and 2nd fix, roofing, plumbing, tilling, kitchen and bathroom fittings and all the things in-between.

I have practical knowledge in restorations and alterations. I have managed both new builds and complete restorations, from start to finish. Organising suppliers, materials and contractors.

I also can help with your outdoors projects. I have expertise from fencing and patios, too sheds, log cabins and outside offices.

If your interested in acquiring my assistance, please get in touch via an email.



Doing a DIY project?

Many people want to do their own DIY but fall short with knowledge or experience. With my practical skills and guidance, I can help you achieve the results you want. With a one to one video call, you will be able to accomplish your DIY goals.

Starting a self build?

Starting a Self Build? Many people dream of building their own home but have no experience in project managing or the many tasks involved. Let me help you take on the challenges of your self build, with my expertise & knowledge I can give you the guidance you need to fulfil your dream & create you new home. 

Restoring an older property?

Restoring an old property? Many people would love to bring their older homes back to life but lack the knowhow of restoration. With my expertise in renovating properties, I can help you take on the tasks of repairing and mending the different parts of your home.

Have a quick question?

Have you started a project but have come across a problem? Or just want a bit of advice or reassurance in what you are doing? I am happy to help, sometimes we all just need that little bit from someone. A quick video call & you will be back on track.


A 20 minute video call will cost £10. 

Please contact me via email, where we can set an appointment time. Please send with your enquiry a description of your project and any specific problems.


If you have a quick question. Please email me.



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